Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Is Alia Bhatt Genius of the Year

When the internet flooded with Alia Bhatt’s memes and jokes, the lady found a unique way to answer it. She did something, which was unthinkable and simply out of the box. If you are wondering what we are talking about, watch the video - 

Now, you tell us – isn’t she an intelligent girl? Instead of submitting to the jokes or venting out anger, she chooses to answer audience in the same way. Her courage is commendable as it really takes guts to do so.

In the video, she shows how her family and friends react to the jokes and do not stand for her. She finds her way out – she decides to enlarge her brains and give everyone a shock. And, she succeeds! Alia wherever you are – we love you for it.

Hidden behind the video is a message that no one has any right to laugh on anyone’s weakness. She may not have a good GK but she has good acting skills, fashion sense, and understanding of it. Do you have it? Yes, she is beautiful and she is intelligent. No one on the earth is born by knowing everything, so those who were laughing at her – go and take a back seat!

The video is an answer on behalf of all those, who face cruelty or are laughed at because of their weaknesses. Be it a fat person, thin one, no knowledge one or any normal person – you do not have a right to mock them as you do not know what their story is.

Bravo Girl, you rock!

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