Monday, August 25, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Teaser – Is it an end to Delena?

“You saw him, you saw her, and they saw each other. They were attracted yet detached until finally, they confessed. “– That is the love story of Damon and Elena explained by me.

For four seasons, we waited Delena (Damon + Elena) to come together. When, it finally happened, everything abruptly ended with Damon’s shocking death at the end of Season 5.  Damon said good-bye to Elena but she was unable to see or hear him. Once again, she stood from where she started – having no one with her, except her brother.

Season 5, saw both Damon and Bonnie die when the ‘other side’ went down and they will be missed in Season 6. CW recently launched a brief 28 seconds teaser of The Vampire Diaries, Season 6. It shows a drinking Jeremy and an emotionally torn Elena, both missing their loved ones. While, Stefan suggests Elena to bid good-bye to Damon; Caroline finds out that she has “some sort of witchy drug problem that allows her to hallucinate Damon?”

Will Elena’s friends be able to relieve her from the grief of Damon’s death? And, will TVD ever again have Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham (Damon & Bonnie, respectively) on-screen? Will we ever see Damon again? Is he gone forever? In a brief teaser, we see Damon suggesting Elena to move on. But, will she? Knowing her emotions and her love for Damon, things are easier said than done. He has been there whenever she was in trouble - will the makers of the show replace Delena? Can it really happen?

Questions like these haunt us and we are left wondering what is in store for us in the Season 6 of TVD. Stay Tuned with That Filmy Girl for more news and views in that section. 

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