Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cameron Diaz turns 42 today! Wishing her a very Happy Birthday

Model turned actress Cameron Diaz turns 42 today. She is an American actress who have done many different films in her career.

Known for her versatility, the actress has been awarded many awards and accolades for her work. She is also known to be one of the highest paid actress of Hollywood. On her Birthday, we bring some of her roles, which we love

1.  The Mask

Cameron plays Tina Carlyle who can be seductive at one point of time and full of energy the next moment. It was also a debut film of Diaz. The actress opened the door of success via her first film – because hey, she was her to stay!

       2.   Bad Teacher

She is a teacher for the wrong reasons. She sleeps, parties, manipulates, takes drugs, and yet is a caring teacher. She may be not the ideal no-glam teacher but she knows the real world well and teaches that to her kids.

3.  What happens in Vegas

Joy MacNally aka Diaz plays a young girl who is trying to live up to others expectations. On a drunken night when she gets married – she also realizes that she has won millions in jackpot. She does everything possible to retain it but in the end, she does what any real person will do. We loved her in this flick!

4. Charlie’s Angels

Those who thought that the girls cannot do anything else except looking pretty – were proved wrong with this film. In this film, Diaz and her co-actors kill goons like they have been doing it since childhood. She pulled off the bold and beautiful character while looking lovely.

    5.  Knight and Day

Accidently she meets her love of her life and what follows is a love story. She completely rocked her performance with Tom Cruise. She knows she is in love with a person who has his life in danger always but still lives up to it without any fear.

There is nothing that the lady cannot do. Wishing her a very happy birthday!

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