Friday, August 1, 2014

"Trip to Bhangarh" Almost Goes Wrong for Crew

While shooting for 'Trip To Bhangarh', the entire cast had to reach the location. While driving towards it, they had an accident. Manish Choudhary narrates his experience.
According to the sources, Manish was driving a Jeep. With the rest of the cast all chirpy and enticed with the stories of Bhangarh, they couldn't wait to reach the place. Singing all the way, they had an unexpected turn and the car almost turned. Thanks to Manish's presence of mind, he controlled the speed and stopped a few metres ahead. There have been many stories about Bhangarh so, all of them were petrified.
They were all worried, especially Suzanna Mukharjee who incurred a few scratches on her left hand. All of them started discussing the sinister stories of Bhangarh. After the small halt all of them set off for the location.
Hearing about the mishap, the producers too were worried. They called for a Puja and the entire cast had to be a part of it.
Presented by Anita Nandwani and Yatin Nandwani, the movie is set in one of the most mysterious places in India. It has a very different yet, disturbing storyline that hooks you since the first minute. This ambitious project is directed by Jitendra Pawar.

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