Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prasoon Joshi turns 47

Prasoon Joshi is a well-known writer, poet, lyricist, screenwriter, and advertiser of India. He rose to fame with his brilliant ad campaigns like ‘ThandaMatlab Coca –Cola’, ‘Saffola, Happydent commercials and Cadbury; to name few. He is well known as an advertising guru who turned towards Big Parda with the film, ‘Lajja.’

He has won many awards and accolades for his heartwarming and melodious songs. On his birthday, we bring some of his well received and perceived songs for you.

      1.      Acha Lagta Hai, Aarkshan

The song was woven with simple and meaningful words, which made it a personal favorite of many. Even me, I love enjoying the feel and true emotions of love it stirs in me. Here, sing along with me:

“Jhatak Kar Zulf
Jab tum Tauliye se
Baarishein aazad karti ho
Acha lagta Hai… “

       2.     Ali Maula, Kurbaan

Prasoon knows how to weave magic with words. There is something about this song, which makes me listen to it in a loop. The words are simple yet with a depth. Read it with me:

“Himmatein ata karo, o madadgaar maula
 Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
 O maula, ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
Aap hi ho kuwate parwardigaar maula
 Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
 O maula, ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
 O shaah-e-marda sher-e-ajada jaan fida tum pe maula
 Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
 O maula ali maula, ali maula, ali maula.....”

       3.     Chand Sifarish, Fanna

Another one of my favorites, I love the way in which you can feel ‘loved’ by just listening to the first few lines. A hit of its time, Joshi even won an award for it. Here are the lyrics:

“Subhan allah, subhan allah, subhan allah
 Valle valle, valle valle, valle valle
 Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta  who tum ko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke, karnee hain ham ko khata
Jidd hain abb toh hain khud ko mitana, hona hain tujhme fanaa
 Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta who tum ko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke, karnee hain ham ko khata”

      4.     Massakali, Delhi 6

You won’t get the lyrics at one go! However, once you get habituated to this song, you will realize how real ‘Hindi’ can make a song’s presence felt, even after decades. Lyrics are as under:

“Aye massakali massakali, udd mattakali mattakali
 Aye massakali masa masa massakali, udd mattakali mattakali
Massakali massakali, udd mattakali mattakali
Jara phank jhatak gayi dhul atak aur lachak machak ke dur bhatak
Udd dagar dagar  kasbe kuche nukkad basti mein yeah e yeah e
Itdi se mud ada se udd, kar le puri dil ki tamanna
Hawa se judada se udd purr bhuur bhurrr phuurrr tu hai hera panna re
Massakali massakali, udd mattakali mattakali”

      5.     Bum Bum Bhole, TaareZameen Par

Another masterpiece, Joshi gets it right every time. The right tempo, makes this song a fit for all different genres. A total kid song, it will make you reminisce your childhood again.

“Dekho dekho kya who ped hai, chaadar odheya khada koi
Baarish hai yaa asmaan ne chhoddi yehainalkhulekahin
 Ho hum dekhe yeh jahaan waise hi jaise nazar apani
Khulke socho aao, pankh jara failaao
 Rang naye bikhraao, chalo chalo chalo chalo naye khaab bunle”

Well, these are some of the selected songs, which I like. Though my list is endless, I have kept it to five for now. Waiting to hear your favorite pick. And, That Filmy Girl wishes Prasoon Joshi a very happy birthday.

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