Monday, September 1, 2014

Some startling and astounding Ganesh presentations in Bollywood

With Ganpati Utsav being celebrated in full swung, we bring you some of the best representation of Lord Ganapti done in Bollywood.

These representations will make you realize the true potential of Lord Ganpati and stories revolving around him.  Here have a look at them:

 1. Agneepath, 2012

This powerful image shows the power of Lord Ganapati. His magnificence will startle you. You will feel to bow down to him yet feel scary.


Some stills from the famous song, ‘Sadda Dil Vi Tu.’ Will steal your heart. If you remember the exceptional performance from ABCD, you feel immensely blessed to have Lord Ganesh’s blessing.

3. Bal Ganesh

To know the secret behind Ganesha’s love for Laddoos and Modak’s – you have to see his childhood story. Take a look into the naughtiness, he indulges into. You will surely feel that all children have a piece of Ganesh in them.

4. My Friend Ganesh

Yes, he is undoubtedly everyone’s friend. And, that is why he comes to your home every year. He listens, sees your troubles, and eases them. Isliye toh kehte hain, ‘Ganapati bappa morya, pudhchya varshi laukarya.’

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