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15 best songs by Asha Bhosle for every woman to hum and rejoice

Legendary singer Asha Bhosle turns 82 today. If you love Bollywood, it is hard to miss her voice. From Cabaret songs to play back singing to Bhajans to Ghazals - you name it; Asha ji has done it all.

Her singing career has flourished in six decades and she has even recorded many private albums and participated in solo concerts. Her voice is magical and it can transform you into a mystical world. There is certainly something in her voice, which makes it powerful and mesmerizing even today.

On her birthday, That Filmy Girl picks up 15 top songs by Asha Bhosle to which every woman can hum too.

            1.         Yeh hai reshmi Zulfon ka Andhera

“Ye Hai Reshamii, Zulfon Kaa Andheraa Na Ghabaraaiye
JahaanTak Mahak Hai Mere Kesuon Kii, Chale Aaiye
Suniye To Zaraa, Jo Haqikat Hai Kahate Hain Ham
Khulate Rukate, In Rangiin Labon Kii Qasam
Jal Uthenge Diye Juganuon Kii Tarah
Ye Tabassum To Faramaaiye,
Ye Hai Reshami ...”

Asha Bhosle is the only singer who can make this sensuous and seductive song look classy and sexy in a subtle way. No wonder, she is the queen of Bollywood.

           2.       Aao Huzuur Tumko Sitaro

“Aao Huzuur Tumako
Aao Huzuur Tumako, Sitaaron Men Le Chaluun
Dil Jhuum Jaae Aisii, Bahaaron Men Le Chaluun
Chaahat Ke Ujale-Ujale Nazaaron Men Le Chaluun
Dil Jhuum Jaae Aisii, Bahaaron Men Le Chaluun”

A love lore beautifully explained by Asha ji. Undoubtedly, she is the only singer who can rock a simple song so beautifully, that it makes coherence even in today’s time.

             3.       O Mere Sona Re

“O mere sona re sona re sona re, de dungi jan juda mat hona re
 Maine tujhe jara der me jana, huwa kusur khafa mat hona re”

If your lover or spouse gets upset with you – treat him to this melodious song sung by Ashaji.

          4.       PiyaTu Ab TohAaja

“Piyaa tu ab to aa jaa
Sholaa saa man dahake aake bujhaa jaa
Tan ki jvaalaa thandi ho jaaye
Aise gale lagaa jaa”

Love is passion, love is divine – a concept, which Asha ji presents in this song. A passionate song indeed, it is definitely the one, you can sing while being apart from your lover.

         5.       Mera kuch Saamaan

“Meraa Kuchh Saamaan Tumhaare Paas Padaa Hain
Saawan Ke Kuchh Bhige Bhige Din Rakhe Hain Aaur, Mere Ye kKhat Mein Lipati Raat Padi Hain, Wo Raat Buzaa Do, Meraa Wo Saamaan Lautaa Do
Patazad Hain Kuchh, Hain Naa”

Asha ji did not stop herself from just playback singing or peep numbers. She is also credited with singing such Ghazals that have deep meaning in it.

          6.       Mujhey Rang De

“Mujhe Rang De Rang De
Mujhe Rang De
Ha Rang De Ha Rang De
Ha Apni Preet Vich Rang De
Main Banke Savera Jaag Uthi
Main Jaag Uthi
Main Banke Savera Jaag Uthi
Main Jaag Uthi Jee Jaag Uthi
Main Banke Morni Naach Uthi
Main Naach Uthi
Channa Naach Uthi”

True to a girl’s heart – this song reveals the many colors of a girl’s heart. The right amount of jazz, liveliness and emotions have been weaved by none other than Asha ji.

         7.       Zara Sa Jhoom Lun Main

“Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha”

Asha Bhosle had the talent that can be used in many ways. This song is nothing but a piece of her talent. It is yet another girly song, which I am sure every girl must have danced to.

         8.       Aao Na Gale Lag Jao Na

“Aao na gale laga lo na
Lagi buzaa do na
o jaan e jaan
tum ne jo agan lagaayi hai
to chhooke dekho na kahaan kahaan
dekho seene men kaisi hulchul machi hai
o saajna”

Make your better half dance to your tunes and jazz up the romance with this song. Sung in a sweet voice, the impact comes across as a pretty strong one.

         9.       Mud MudKe Nah Dekh

“Mud MudKe Na Dekh, Mud MudKe /-2
Zindagaani Ke Safar Men Tu Akela Hi Nahin Hai,
Ham Bhi Tere Hamasafar Hain”

Want to dance in a party? Do not worry, play this song, and have a gala time. I am saying that Asha’s talent has a lot of spectrum.

         10.     Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Le gaya

“Ek pardesi mera dil le gaya
Jaate jaate meetha meetha gham de gaya
Kaun pardesi tera dil le gaya
Moti moti aakhiyon me aansoo de gaya

A duet song but if you want to tease or have some fun with your love, then this is your song.

          11.       Aage bhi jaane na tu

“Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu, Peechhe Bhi Jaane Na Tu
Jo Bhi Hai, Bas Yahi Ek Pal Hai
Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu
Anjaane Saayo Ka Raaho Mein Dera Hai
Andekhi Baaho Ne Ham Sabko Ghera Hai
Ye Pal Ujaala Hai Baaqi Andhera Hai
Ye Pal Gawaana Na Ye Pal Hi Tera Hai
Jeene Waale Soch Le Yahi Waqt Hai Kar Le Puri Aarzoo”

An intense song with some meaning in it – Asha ji proved her potential once again with this song. It is simple yet foretells some of the greatest meanings of life. I am sure, every girl can relate with it.

           12.     Zara haule haule chalo mere sajana

“Zara haule haule chalo more sajana
 Hum bhi peche hai tumhare
Kaisi bhigi bhigi rut hai suhaani
Kaise pyare nazare
 Zara haule haule chalo more sajna”

Well, iska kya kehna? Whenever, you have a fight with your hubby, you can use this song as your weapon.

         13.     Raat Akeli Hai

“Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gae Diye
Aake Mere Paas, Kaano Me Mere
Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye, Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye, Raat ...
Tum Aaj Mere Liye Ruk Jaao, Rut Bhi Hai Furasat Bhi Hai
Tumhein Na Ho Na Sahii, Mujhe Tumase Muhabbat Hai
Mohabbat Ki Ijaazat Hai, To Chup Kyuun Rahiye
Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye”

A night can be beautiful time to be with your partner. Sung beautifully and conveyed beautifully too, here is a song, which only Asha ji can sing.

         14.     Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamar

“Paan khaaye saiyaan hamaaro
Saanvali suratiyaa hoth laal-laal
Haay-haay malamal kaa kurataa
Malamal ke kurate pe chhit laal-laal
Paan khaaye saiyaan hamaaro”

Learn to describe your spouse in style. Asha ji teaches you many ways to do so.

          15.     Dum Maro Dum

“Dam Maaro Dam, Mit Jaae Gam, Bolo Subah Shaam
Hare Krishhnaa Hare Raam
Duniyaa Ne Ham Ko Diyaa Kyaa
Duniyaa Se Ham Ne Liyaa Kyaa
Ham Sab Ki Paravaah Karen Kyuun, Sab Ne Hamaaraa Kiyaa Kyaa”

Asha ji taught us many songs – be it soft romantic songs, passionate songs, ghazals or duet, she rocked every niche in singing. What I think Asha ji wanted to convey was, live your life, as you want and not how others want

Here’s wishing Asha Bhosle a very Happy 82nd Birthday!

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