Friday, April 25, 2014

Mumbai model and actor Divya Chouksey shoots for Star Plus' Ek Ghar Banaunga

Mumbai-based model and actor Divya Chouksey has recently started shooting for a show on Star Plus - Ek Ghar Banaunga. The show which originally began on 29th April 2013 is doing very well and Divya is elated about her new role. It is scheduled for an early prime time slot and airs at 6.30 pm Monday to Saturday. According to an report,  Divya has a substantial role in the project and is like to stick around for a long time. She was doing episodes for some time now and apparently the production house and channel was so pleased with her look, style and performance that she has been given a permanent role, say sources.

When contacted her, Divya Chouksey was surprised and said, "So you press wallas already know about my role?" She was hesitant to speak to the media, and gave us the usual excuse that she cannot speak to journalists without confirming with the production house, but on a little prodding said, I am doing a cameo role for a show that features on Star Plus. It's an NRI girl's character Sia and I play a rich, spoilt NRI babe, who comes to India from the UK to get married. It is a role that I so much relate to. Sia is someone like me in terms of her attitude, poise and style. I have been doing episodic roles and was loving it and that is when I got selected for this cameo. It's so much fun and I am really excited," Divya told, but declined to reveal any more details of the length of her role or  how long she would be part of the show.

Ek Ghar Banaunga which in English means I Will Make a Home is a TV soap opera and focuses on marital dramas within the household of an Indian family. The story follows Poonam (Ishita Dutta) and her husband Aakash (Rahul Sharma) who bring Poonam's parents to live with them. The cast includes Ishita Dutta as Poonam Akash Garg, Rahul Sharma as Akash Garg, Hemant Choudhary as Shashikant Garg, Salina Prakash as Kanika Jai Garg/ Kannu, Prachi Parab as Prarthana Shashikant Garg, Urvashi Upadhyay as Parul Bhen and others.

Divya Chouksey recently shot with designer Umair Zafar for his Chikankari Collection 2014, which was showcased at a glittering event at the M.B. Club in Lucknow last month. Chikankari is hand embroidery done on a variety of fabrics like muslin, silk and chiffon. Chouksey has shot print and television campaigns for Nokia, Indian Premiere League team Pune Warriors and UTV Bindaas. Along with doing several TV shows, she has also featured in editorial shoots for fashion magazines and walked the ramp as a model in over 200 shows.

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