Friday, February 27, 2015

Movie Review: Canvas, Rang Jindagi Na

Yesterday Ahmedabad saw the preview of Gujarati film, Canvas – Rang Jindagi Na. The buzz for it had kept us engrossed enough to catch it on its premier night.

Canvas, Rang Jindagi Na is a movie that vouches for its name. Just as a portrait is covered with many colors, the lives of characters are painted with life colors. From college students to the daily struggle of lives, the film has captured it all.

There are seven characters in the film and each character has been sketched perfectly. Their story has been conveyed empathically.  It brings out a strong message that the foundation to a good adulthood is based on good childhood. Also, those who miss out on it, can create a life for themselves, if worked hard. A youth based film, Canvas will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Talking about actors, the crew has done amazing work, considering the fact that it is their first movie. It brings a freshness on the screen and gives space to Ahmedabad’s young talent. Shoot in and around Ahmedabad, the film will make you fall in love with Ahmedabad, once again.

Do not miss the music and songs. The lovely lyrics and music will surely touch your souls. 

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