Monday, July 7, 2014

Was ‘Ek Villain’ movie trying to reaffirm anti-feminist views?

‘Ek Villain’ film has been appreciated by masses at large. The two recent hot actors, Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhartha Malhotra, have done a fine job with their roles. This romantic-thriller film had love story like others but with a twist. It had love story of a villain, underlying the fact that there is good in every person, irrespective of the wrong action he/she does.

Good idea, great concept but after watching the film, I feel that there were some anti-feminist factors that the film knowingly or unknowingly displayed.

  Ø The good or bad you do, comes back to you

Now, the film started with a Villain falling heads over heels for a chirpy and joyful girl. Even after transforming into a good guy, this guy knows no peace. Why? Arre because he was a bad guy, remembers? And he was even cursed by a mother whose child, he murdered in the beginning of the film.

  Ø The ultimate ‘curse’ has its effect

Talking about curses, the film went to show that a curse could be fatal. Now, which mother will be so goddess-like in today’s century to forgive the convict and curse him instead. Vo purane zamane ki baat thi, abke zamane mein koi normal insaan bhi believe nahin karta, toh ek gunda kaise karega? And, why does Guru remember only her curse? Being a goon, I am sure he must have done ample killings.

  Ø The good or bad has to be borne by women

Siddharth and Ritesh both play bad guys, let us admit that. So, both of their sins have to be paid by their wives? Isn’t that imposing of the famous Hindu saying, ‘pati ke paap uski patni ko jhelen padate hain!’ Aisha and Sulochana, both die because their husbands were doing evil things. Now, why do you need to stereotype this factor instead of banishing them?

  Ø The ultimate story of good girl falling for bad guy

We have often seen his concept in Hindi telecoms where a good girl can live with a bad guy and improve him. In reality and humanly, that is not possible and not practical. How can you fall for a gangster knowing that his life can be a danger to you too?

  Ø Wives are a thing to posses and not a human to be respected

Ritesh friend who takes him to Meera road and gives him definition of survival plays a manipulative role in doing damage to women in general. He slaps and tortures his wife by giving reason, “hum middle class log frustration nikalne ke liye apni wife ko marate hain.” Enough said, you know what I mean.

  Ø Woman cannot dominate man

Forming the major crux of the plot, the film shows a major ego problem in Indian men. They do not like and cannot tolerate domination by a woman. Ritesh, who is constantly dominated by his wife, goes on a killing rampage where he kills other women who shout on him. Apparently, he loves his wife and can bear his domination but not others while other women were not even dominating him.

Though I enjoyed watching this film, these thoughts rang into my mind. Films’ being the most effective medium, I thought of bringing some shackles into light with hope of eradicating them entirely. Do share your thoughts on this article.

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