Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Good Cook: Opening Restaurant in Sri Lanka

I had always wanted to open my own restaurant someday but could not get to it all these years. However, I am quite excited now finally realizing my dreams and am quite looking forward to the project.

Not many people are aware that this Sri Lankan beauty is quite the lady in the kitchen. Blessed with a golden ladle, Jacqueline has decided to finally materialize her long seen dream.

Having recently purchased an island in Sri Lanka, Jacqueline is going one step further into becoming a brand to be reckoned with. Going full power, Fernandez is planning on setting up a restaurant in Colombo by mid-June.

Being a tad bit neurotic about perfection, the porcelain beauty has decided to look into the menu, kitchen habits, interiors of the restaurant and the persona it puts out. 

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