Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ugly is ravishing!

No, we are not talking about ugly is beautiful but ugly is appreciated. Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘Ugly’. It stars Ronit Roy, Tejasvini Kolhapure, Rahul Bhatt, Vineet Singh, Girish Kulkarni, Siddhant Kapoor & Surveen Chawla. Phantom Films and Dar Motion Pictures Ltd. have produced the film.

It was released in France on 29th May 2014 to receive good reviews for the scripting and performance. Movie reviewers have labelled it “a black diamond that should not go unnoticed” also terming it “A gem of Indian independent cinema”, The film is a major work that immerses the viewer” and a “visceral experience”. This film had already rocked international film festivals like New York Indian Film festival and Cannes 2013. Anurag proves his talent as a writer, director and screenwriter once more with being Ugly.

This movie is an emotional drama and thriller. It represents past and its interference with present life by sketching three characters that collide with past and face damage. Shalini (Tejasvini Kolhapure) is a middle-class woman who is forced by her second husband Bose Shoumik (Ronit Roy) to stay at home. Saddened by her life, she attempts suicide only to remember her daughter. The story talks twist when her daughter goes missing when she is meeting her father Rahul (Rahul Bhatt); Shalini’s ex-husband.

Blended with some intriguing questions surrounding life, the film revolves on the power and its use and three lives at stake. Filled with suspense, we hope that this film makes a mark in Indian Cinema too. 

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