Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shilpa Shetty Launched Lotus’d Gold Coins- Satyug Gold Coins

After the whomping victory of the BJP in the elections, the very impressed Shilpa Shetty has decided to launch an addition in her existing gold brand. In case you are unaware, this yogi chick has a gold brand too! Yes, IPL, movie production and gold! What does this woman not have!
Anyway, so Shetty-Kundra are so impressed and joyous about the Modi victory and the BJP government that they have launched a new product- Satyug Gold Coins. But that’s not all that is special about this news. Shilpa has gotten a lotus engraved on the coins.

When asked for her opinion and reason, she quipped “I congratulate Mr Modi and BJP for winning with such a huge margin. It goes to show that people of India are looking for positive change and I just hope and pray the new government can make India a safer and better place. Focusing especially on employment, education, medical, safety and infrastructure amongst other things. I am a proud Indian and always want the best for my country. My new Satyug Gold coin design has a lotus flower which coincidentally is the same design as BJP's logo. It stands for purity and beauty.”

Hmm! Looks like everyone is out to impress the new Prime Minister! Golden times ahead? For Shilpa, we are sure!

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