Monday, March 10, 2014

Review | QUEEN – A Perfect Film!

So the trailer was downright funny. The idea of a young Indian married lady going on her honeymoon all alone – downright whacky! The Punjabi flavour in the film’s first look – downright crazy! So when I walked into the cinema hall, I knew what I was going to get. Or did I?
QUEEN is a surprise package in all senses! Not a stupid sequel. Not a bad remake. Not an illogical love story. QUEEN is a heart warming story of a woman on a journey of self discovery. Sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you wonder. It makes you sing and dance then it makes you ponder. It gives you plenty rib tickling moments while giving you time to introspect.

QUEEN is about being a Woman. A Liberated – FREE THINKING – erratic woman who sheds her inhibitions and braves going on her honeymoon. ALONE. Why? Because the guy she was going to marry chickened out at the last minute. He has reasons he says. And we know none of them are valid. He wants to wriggle out. And so he does.
We have seen a truck load of saas bahu sagas making a drama out of this situation. Ghar ki izzat ka kya? .. beti ki baraat nahi aayi, hayo rabba! .. log kya kahenge? If this is what you expect, you are going to be disappointed. None of that crap happens here. Instead, the female protagonist rises like a phoenix from her ashes with the help and support of her family and she goes out to explore...not just Europe but herself too. She makes friends with strippers, waitresses and a multi cultural trio of males and finds strength in being what she’s best at – BEING HERSELF: A bubbly Punjabi kudi - so beautifully essayed by Kangana Ranaut.
Director Vikas Bahl could have turned this into a weepy saga considering the story line but he creates magic! There’s hardly any rona dhona or melodrama! Instead, Rani with a desi ghee ka tadka turns into Queen with her witty one liners and unbeatable charm. She teaches us a lot of valuable lessons. But still the film does not preach! That’s the magic of Bahl and Kangana.
The story is fantastic and so is the script...and here I must mention Ranaut herself, credited for Additional Dialogue. The music is okay. The London Thumka andNaiya songs do strike a chord...but it’s the remixed version of Hungama Ho Gaya that steals the show!
So here I am just out of the much talked about ... much appreciated QUEEN. QUEEN is not a film. It's an experience. An experience of liberation, self discovery and the importance of loving yourself. QUEEN is about friendship, family and womanhood. QUEEN. Because when you have only you, it's good to let go off yourself. Am so glad Indian cinema has stopped portraying women as doormats. Here's a chance to let go. Breathe. Enjoy. And smile like an idiot like I did.
This is Kangana’s film all the way. And you know what, that’s what makes it work!

By: Tillana Desai

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  1. I havent watched this movie but well written Till. I will soon make it possible.